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Askari Sowonde~ is an achiever of excellence!  Love, passion, dedication and innovation defines her and her quality of work.
Norman Connors~


The Legendary Whispers

Celebrating their 50th year anniversary 2013, this award-winning group still keeps on 'STEPPIN' and are electrifying to say the least. The Whispers continue to excite and exhilarate the crowd.  Their only request per their song, "Just Keep On Loving Me"...

International Master Drummer...James Henry

A masterful drummer, James Henry has played with artists such as George Howard, Rodney Franklin, Robin Ford, Sting, Narada Michael Walden, Santana, Norton Buffalo, Bob Weir, Pablo Cruz, Sly Stone, Earl Klue and many more. He beats those drums, making you feel the rhythm through Reggae, World Music, Jazz and Funk.  His love for our youth and the passion of his music ensures that they continue to tell the journey through his vision....Global World Music!    

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